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    Real-life 'Hunger Games' camp opens in Florida

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    A Hunger Games-themed summer camp tournament has made a few changes to its rules after students started to casually speak about 'killing' each other.

    Largo, Florida-based Country Day School summer camp hosted a tournament inspired by the wildly popular series of books and films where children fight each other to the 'death', substituting flags for the source materials deadly weapons.

    Children would 'kill' each other by pulling flag belts from their enemy's waists.

    The children, however, appeared to take the games a bit more seriously than adults had expected. The Tampa Bay Times reported students saying things like "I might stab you," and "I will probably kill you first."

    "If I have to die, I want to die by an arrow," the paper quoted Joey Royals saying to no one in particular. "Don't kill me with a sword. I'd rather be shot."

    According to counselor Simon Bosés, though, concern from cautious adults and the media regarding the game's possible effects on the children is somewhat overblown.

    "But if you actually sit down and talk to them and they say, 'I'm going to kill you,' they don't understand what they're saying," he said. "Death for this age isn't a final thing. It's a reset."

    Concerns over the use of the term though prompted the camp to now refer to it as 'collecting lives'.

    Hopefully the change didn't come too late for the kids to accurately distinguish reality from make believe.


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