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    Narendra Modi, BJP's PM Candidate at Vikas Rally


    by WildFilmsIndia

    Unlike other usual off-days when most people choose to sit and enjoy the day with friends and family watching TV, travelling and visiting relatives after a long week, Sunday witnessed swarms of people gather at the Japanese Park in Rohini. Scores were, meanwhile, glued to their television sets to hear Narendra Modi's speech.

    On the massive stage, 80 by 40 feet, Mr Modi in white kurta pyjama, is flanked by leaders like Niitin Gadkari, Vijay Goel and Navjot Singh Sindu in pink turban regaling the crowds with Sidhuisms.

    Before he landed at the ground, Mr Modi tweeted, "Wonderful to be in Delhi to join the BJP Vikas Rally."

    The BJP has invited envoys of about 80 countries and says 35 have confirmed attendance in an effort to project what the party says is the Gujarat Chief Minister's global appeal and acceptability, after years of being boycotted by many countries over the 2002 communal riots in his state.

    The BJP has its hopes pinned on the Narendra Modi factor to tilt the November elections in Delhi its favour. It is widely seen as tied in a neck and neck race with the Congress in the national capital this time. The party was trounced by the Congress's Sheila Dikshit in the last three elections in Delhi.

    Addressing the rally, the BJP's Vijay Kumar Malhotra said with a straight face, "I challenge Shiela Dikshit, who is old enough to be my grandmother, for a public debate on whether people in Delhi are happy with her or not." Ms Dikshit is 75; Mr Malhotra, 81.
    A sophisticated sound system and giant LED screens have been installed at the ground. For maximum coverage of the event, screens have also been installed at several places in the city that will broadcast Mr Modi's speech live.

    There is tight security, with dozens of CCTV cameras and hundreds of private security guards keeping an eye on the massive crowds. Also 3,000 policemen and paramilitary personnel have been deployed at the venue. The Delhi Metro will run extra trains and feeder buses as it anticipates a huge rush.

    Citizens of India are so fed up with corruption, indiscipline, sinking economy, and scams that afflict our country, Modi's speech came as a balm to the entire nation. People of India represent a fully pressurised and coiled-up spring; their resistance and tolerance is nearing its end. Pushed just a bit too far, and they will uncoil and strike back.

    Modi has ignited the spirit to fight back for their rights, for their dignity; they are charged up because they feel hopeful; it is Modi who has given them hope of good governance, better lives and a disciplined, systematised approach to policy making and implementation.

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