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    Sacrificial Goats in Pakistan Get More Expensive After Flood

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    by Geo Beats

    In the country of Pakistan, the price for goats that are ritualistically used for sacrifices has risen significantly.

    In the country of Pakistan, the price of goats used in ritual sacrifices has risen significantly.
    After floods destroyed livestock production areas, prices for sacrificial goats used for the traditional Muslim Eid festival are 30 to 50 percent more expensive at around 283 dollars.

    Because of the price hike, locals are coming together and contributing to a collective sacrifice, so that they can still celebrate the festival’s tradition of sharing meat with others including the poor.

    Black markets have popped up in various areas including Rawalpindi where middlemen are reportedly holding back livestock and selling them at inflated prices.

    Environmental problems like respiratory diseases have been blamed on the illegal animal markets.

    The regional floods reportedly affected over one million citizens in the area of Punjab and Sindh provinces, which are major cattle and livestock industry centers.

    What do you think about the increased price of goats in Pakistan?