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    911 Operator Laughed While Caller Reported His Girlfriend Was on Fire

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    A man in Chiva Falls, Arizona is fuming after an unexpected accident forced him to call 911.

    911 operators have to follow a very strict set of rules when handling all time-pressing, urgent calls.

    A man in Arizona is upset however, after his recent exchange with the emergency dispatch service.

    Lalo Delgado's car and girlfriend caught on fire during a crash. He quickly dialed the emergency number and told the operator about the terrifying ordeal. The female call taker asked if Delgado's girlfriend was still on fire.

    Once he replied no, the dispatcher can be heard loudly laughing before asking if the vehicle was on fire. Delgado was furious and confronted the operator, claiming he heard her smirk.

    She didn’t deny laughing but stated that she found something else comical, not Delgado’s situation. In the recording, it does sound as though the emergency worker's colleagues are laughing at something unrelated, but the dispatcher in question seemingly lost her composure and joined in.

    An investigation has been launched into the incident to determine what the cause of the laughter was.

    Captain Jim Berry of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department said he could understand why Delgado was so upset.