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    Removing Emotion From The Financial Planning Process



    Removing Emotion From The Financial Planning Process
    Fertility Planit - Alexandria Center
    Conference Room 2
    Moderator: Melissa B. Brisman
    Esq., Owner, Reproductive Possibilities, LLC & Surrogate Fund Management, LLC
    Jennifer Hatch
    CFP® & President, Christopher Street Financial
    Davina Fankhauser
    Co-Founder & President, Fertility Within Reach
    Stephany Kirkpatrick
    Director of Financial Planning, LearnVest
    The costs of infertility treatments, adoption or other family building services can be overwhelming. Learn how to navigate health insurance to your benefit, gain critical l tips from financial planning experts and hear from those who have personal knowledge of how to effectively plan financially for the creation of your family.

    Break: 11:15 - 11:30 am EDT