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    Nina Davenport: Embrace Life as it Comes



    Nina Davenport: Embrace Life as it Comes
    Fertility Planit - Alexandria Center
    Conference Room 1
    Moderator: Mikki Morrissette
    Founder, Choice Moms LLC & Owner, Be-Mondo Publishing
    Nina Davenport
    Filmmaker, "First Comes Love"
    Scott Brown
    Director of Client Experience and Communications, California Cryobank
    Join these two highly visible "Choice Moms," and one of the world's biggest sperm banks, for a discussion on the challenges and joys specific to "flying solo" into parent thood. Nina will share clips from her newly released HBO film "FIRST COMES LOVE" which will serve as a springboard for discussion with Mikki who has talked with more than 1,000 women who have embarked on Choice Motherhood. Topics will include: the economic, socio-cultural and lifestyle changes that make this choice work; the typical concerns and struggles single women face in embarking on this journey; and the types of origin conversations mothers will have with their children over time.