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    Lady Gaga releases the official version of new song "Aura" in brand new Machete Kills movie trailer, updates on the ARTPOP track list and more! Little Monsters welcome back to ClevverMusic, it's Friday so this is What's Up With Gaga? The most exciting news from the Monster World this week is a brand new Machete Kills movie trailer featuring Lady Gaga's official "Aura" song and new clips of her in the film! And it sounds a lot like the leaked versions, take a look.
    Amazing! The song seems to be make perfectly for that film, yeah we think Gaga planned that! In Bittersweet news Lady Gaga has been so busy finishing ARTPOP that she did not attend the Machete Kills movie premiere on Wednesday here in Hollywood. This is Gaga's first major movie role so we were hoping she'd so up at the premiere to support, but no dice. But let's look on the bright side: ARTPOP is near! And Gaga promised us she would reveal the track list this week and the album cover art, but we haven't seen anything yet. Little Monsters have been patiently waiting for the news, as Gaga has given us metaphoric updates and an apology. Mother Monster tweeted on September 30, "Im sorry the trackslisting is late monsters. A few more squirrels snuck into the ARTPOP tree. Don't worry it will be worth it!" We love that she compares the album to a tree, and yes, we're sure it will be worth the wait. The next day on October 1 Gaga compared her new album to child birth tweeting, "The head is crowning. ARTPOP birthing pains #NoEpidural SPREAD 'EM Venus the goddess is coming!" This is a great example of why we love Gaga, who can make such an eloquent comparison? And not to mention she called the album a Goddess. And as we patiently wait for November 11th to come we'll get a monstrous performance from Gaga at the first ever YouTube Music Awards on November 3rd in NYC! Gaga is headlining the event at Pier 36, which will honor artists and songs that YouTube fans have turned into global hits. Don't worry it will be streamed online so you're monster eyes can feast on the performance. Last up today guys I'm gonna give two shout outs to epic Clevver Monsters—sorry we forgot them last week! First Isabelle @KillingBlonde is a loyal monster in Germany, thank you for watching. Second, Nick @Nick_Norm thanks for all your tweets, keep up the good work. That's it for this week's What's Up With Gaga? Have a glorious weekend and we'll see you soon with more Gaga updates, brought to you by me, Misty Monster.