Jay-Z - Streets Is Watching


par kay-slay

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UPDATE: The full version is right here minurl.biz/?B2jm
Par chubbycoffin43AyK en mai
UPDATE: full version is at this link http://burl.co.za/646z
Par ambitiousreasonjXHl en mai
GIA, I told U Guys Im a G where ya DICE, roll wrong u DIE, get it YOU DI, not like PI, One SHot, I don't win the game, I KILL the GAME, Brain is like MONEY not received from a dRUG TRANSACTION, TOLD MY UNCLE HERE IS MY PLASTIC SURGEON, GET OFF YA MO BETTER BLUES, HERES A SUIT, HERES A POLO, HERES SOME GUCCI FRAGRANCE, DO more than love GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, PIMP a BiTCH, DONT PAY A TRICK, and MARRY A WOMAN, thats a LADY, AUNT QUeen B, where my honey, LET ME CLEAR THROAT, IM DAY TO DAY, LIKE A NINJA, and yall reign on the top was shorter than LEprechauns, Huh the last don? Pay attention in SPanish CLASS, a DOPE DEALER is never a Noble Man, thats why we LEt Corleone be the DON, cause HE knew Drugs was bad, My Cartel Execs and ME OPEC, WE DON"T GIVE A FUCK WHO OD, as long as they aint close to me, To smell of a dead fien is worse than that of a dead wolverine. SEE MY VERNACULAR, DONT SAY IM SPECTACULAR, SO IM JUST A DUDE TRYING TO LIVE HIS LIFE< NO BARS, already got , SOSA emulated, GS
Par Rich Mundo il y a 6 ans
Its Hot in the South, More than a Climate adjustment, Got a nigga sweating, like its blocks im breaking. The "Streets were just watching" to many fashionistas on the block, now these faggots talking, So I Go back to the origin, Change my Flight in Mid-Air, Thats Helicopter, SO Tell Cam Me No Vado, ITs a correction Corcovado, No Cousins, Just One Uncle Im Missing, In Boliva, Sleeping WIth no fear, Told Mi Abuelo Como Estas, She just smiled and said Thank You, That mean she stressed like Jess, Now Im Sicka, OFf these Fuck Niggas, More Liquor, "Murdering is a tough thing to digest, and Im running out of time, But I gotta shit, YEah. Im not Young Jeezy or GUcci Mane, Never Really like Kobe, So when LeBron came in the league I said Lets Get it. Cochabamaba, Mi Es Cristo de La Persona. IN the SUN so long, My tan match my persona. Now its Personal, So My Blood Family over any and everything, They Lost one, and thats all they had, IM BAD but not Michael Jackson, I beat then tell Sara Eat I
Par Rich Mundo il y a 6 ans