Two killed in Norway bus crash



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Originally published on August 13, 2013

A Swedish woman and a Taiwanese woman were killed when two buses collided in near Sogndal in western Norway late on Monday afternoon.

The frontal collision occurred on a road connecting the two towns of Sogndal and Lekanger. A woman from Norway and a woman from Taiwan died in the accident.

One of the buses was Norwegian, the other was a Swedish bus carrying foreign tourists. A total of 30 passengers were onboard the two vehicles.

The head of the Swedish bus company called the road too narrow for bus traffic.

Following the closure of a tunnel due to a fire, the road was being used as an alternate route.

The accident left the front of the Swedish bus completely demolished. It shattered the windshield and destroyed several windows.

A spokesperson for Norway's highway department flatly denied accusations that the county highway was too narrow. "There is no problem for heavy vehicles to use that road," Ove Amundsen told local newspaper Bergens Tidende.

The nationalities of the passengers remain unclear due to conflicting reports.

AFP cites the head of local police operations, Hans Petter, as stating some of the travellers were Chinese, and police as saying some were Taiwanese.

The Taiwanese woman who died in the accident was identified by the Taiwan's Tourism Bureau as 26-year-old Lin Wen-ling, according to an AFP report.

The Taiwanese government confirmed on Tuesday that in addition to the deceased, seven of the injured tourists were Taiwanese.

They left Taiwan on Thursday as part of a 23-person tour group visiting Scandinavia.


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