'Furry' Ryan Havens Tannenholz accused of sex with cat multiple times



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A Boise, Idaho man was arrested earlier this month for sexually abusing a cat following a police investigation.

Investigators say Ryan Havens Tannenholz fornicated with the animal on more than one occasion at a Boise house. The 28-year-old was arrested on August 1st.

Gawker, in a post on Monday, noted the active furry fandom community member's fondness for canine costumes and suggested he may have been bumping uglies with the feline dressed as a pooch.

According to furry news blog Flayrah, Tannenholz's roster of fursuits included a blue fox named Kismet, a black-and-white husky named Bubble gum and an unnamed purple canine.

Boise police never quite clarified exactly how they found out about Tannenholz's proclivities, but said the exchange of fluids occurred between January 2012 and January 2013.

"It just means that at this point was the time when they had probable cause to do the arrest," Deputy Prosecutor Cathy Guzman told the Idaho Statesman.

The furry community moved quickly to distance themselves from Tannenholz whom they say gives furries a bad name.

The Huffington Post noted Flayrah commenter GreenReaper thoughts on the incident:

"[Flayrah's article] helps fans by informing them of someone they may wish to avoid associating with. Moreover, furry fandom is best served by publicly ostracizing people who break such laws, not hiding them under a rug. Would you criticize the Idaho Statesman for bringing Boise into disrepute by reporting on this?"

Tannenholz has been charged with six felony counts of crimes against nature and one misdemeanor count of cruelty to an animal and would face a minimum of five years in jail for each felony if convicted.


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