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    Surgeon gets high on heroin from smuggler's stomach, say Russian cops

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    A Russian surgeon in Siberia has been arrested on suspicion of stealing the drugs he was tasked with removing from a comatosed drug mule's stomach, police said.

    A Tajik man who had ingested packets of drugs became sick during a train journey in Siberia, and police noticed. The man slipped into a coma and police suspected drug poisoning. They took the comatose man off the train at the next station, Bogotol.

    Police enlisted a surgeon to remove the drugs from the mule's stomach, who apparently decided he deserved a finder's fee. Investigators soon discovered some was missing.

    Police visited the surgeon at the hospital and found him off-his-face high. A pat-down turned up a 5-gram bag of smack hidden in his clothing and he was arrested.

    The surgeon faces 15 years in prison for theft and possession.


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