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    Education for Military Personnel—Special Military Programs Available at Kaplan University


    by Kaplan_University

    At last count, there were over 1.4 million active-duty military personnel, according to the Department of Defense. Some of these soldiers pursue a career in the armed forces, while others return to civilian life after their term of service. There are also tens of thousands of soldiers who must retire early because of injuries. What can they expect?

    Life After Service

    The military does an excellent job of teaching and training their soldiers, which often makes it easier for them to secure employment later in life. However, there are many professions that require a college degree. In other words, some soldiers must go back to school before they can embark on a new career.

    Education for Military Personnel

    The good news is that many schools have special programs for our men and women in uniform, and Kaplan University is no exception. In fact, we offer over 180 degree and certificate programs to soldiers, veterans, and spouses of active-duty servicemembers. Many of these programs are actually military-specific and help students take advantage of the skills they learned while in uniform.

    Our Commitment

    Whether you take classes online or at one of our campus programs, military personnel can expect the following benefits:

    • Lower tuition rates and fee waivers for qualified students

    • Access to the Yellow Ribbon Program, which may reduce tuition fees even further

    • Acceptance of military credits that were earned by the student through DANTES/CLEP exams*

    • Flexible withdraw policy based on change of order, i.e., if the solider is suddenly called to duty

    • Experienced advisors who know how to help members of the military receive the lowest possible tuition rates, including taking advantage of financial aid help†

    How Does It Work?

    All of our programs for military personnel are designed to allow them to study while they serve. Undergraduate terms last for ten weeks and are structured so that students, especially our men and women in uniform, can take fewer classes at a time. This allows them to focus on the subject at hand even while on active-duty. Servicemembers have completed everything from psychology to legal studies programs at our University.

    When to Sign Up?

    New classes start every few weeks and can be completed entirely online. We offer flexible deployment and leave of absence policies that are designed specifically for active-duty military personnel. We also award credits for military education and life experience.*