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    LORE - Animal Crossing Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    Paul is coming at you with some Animal Crossing Lore!

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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by Paul from VGHangoer

    Edited by Erin

    Art by D.J. Ross

    The big city was cold and harsh - it broke me, so I got on a train to nowhere. I dozed off and had the strangest dream about a cat who kept pestering me with questions about where I was going - then I woke up.

    As soon as I stepped off the train, a yellow dog mistook me for the town's mayor, then whisked me away to my lavish office... and set me up in a tent outside. There were so many questions; Why am I running this city? Why does the mayor live in a tent? How are these animals even talking? I had to get out.

    Before I knew it, I had a mortgage and I owed it to a Tom Nook, but he didn't want my cash... he wanted bells. And lots of 'em. Right then I knew I was never leaving this town. I kept telling myself that I was still asleep on that train, that all these animals were just people in costumes. But days turned into months, and months turned into years. The debt kept piling up. I was a prisoner.

    The day came when I was to pay off the rest of my debt, but the raccoon had already skipped town. Then it hit me; if I couldn't pay Nook, I'd never leave this village. I had to track him down and make him pay the only way I knew how.

    HAVE. FUN.

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