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    LORE - Deus Ex Development Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    IndieStatik explains the development of Deus Ex on Lore!

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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by Josh from IndieStatik

    Animated by Jeremey

    The idea for Deus Ex was originally dreamt up in 1993 by RPG mastermind, Warren Spector. Known for his work on Ultima and System Shock, Spector set out to make a cyberpunk-themed genre-busting game that combined role-playing, adventure, and first-person shooting.

    Spector had been conceptualizing Deus Ex for years under the name Troubleshooter and later, Junction Point. Troubleshooter was a modern day, Hollywood-inspired action game but because Spector didn't have the team, resources, technology and couldn't sell the concept to his employers at Origin and Looking Glass Studios, the game never happened.

    Spector went on to found Ion Storm's Austin branch in 1997 where he was given the opportunity to make the game of his dreams which was now known as Shooter. Shooter moved the game 50 years into a future filled with conspiracy and terrorism, but it took 6 months of pre-production before it became the Deus Ex we know and love today. The development team swelled to 20 members but not without growing pains; Spector had to contend with two design teams constantly butting heads and an art team working for an art director situated in the Dallas office 200 miles away.

    Despite these challenges, Deus Ex shipped in June of 2000 to critical acclaim and over 40 "Game of the Year" awards. Deus Ex received a sequel 3 years later, Invisible War, also helmed by Spector and the now-defunct Ion Storm, but was not as well-regarded as its predecessor. The series would return to form in Human Revolution, this time developed by Eidos Montreal and without Spector, which would go on to sell more than 2 million copies in a month.

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