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    LORE - Dragon's Dogma Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    ProJared gives you the rundown on the lore of Dragon's Dogma!

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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by ProJared

    Animated by Danny A. Reyes

    - - - - -
    In a strange world where a single peninsula is constantly terrorized by dragons, only few can stand up to their vicious attacks on mankind. When these mysterious dragons appear, they do so without warning, sometimes by the dozen and/or hundreds of years apart to keep things interesting. They're highly intelligent creatures with no clear motive or purpose - they've brought mankind to the edge of extinction only to return from whence they came.

    In every age they appear, dragons rain chaos and destruction on the poor citizens of Gransys, then suddenly cease their attacks and fly atop a mountain as if they're fulfilling a duty that serves a higher purpose... but probably to just gloat. Before tormenting the continent, the dragons choose a person worthy of having their heart ripped out and dined upon. He or she then becomes an Arisen who does not age, is immune to sickness, and is forever connected to the heart-devouring dragon.

    There have only been two instances in all of history when the dragons were defeated - once by Godking Leonhart, and most recently, the Arisen Edmun Dragonsbane. Edmun, despite not having a vital organ to pump blood to the rest of his body, defeated the dragons and returned as the Wyrmking. But the peace is short-lived as the dragons return to wreak havoc once more.

    So once you're done picking the shape of your nose and color of your hair, it's up to you to beat back the dragons and -- OH GOD NO!

    Have fun!

    - - - - -

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