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TotalBiscuit explains Deus Ex: Human Revolution in one minute this week on LORE! http://bit.ly/MoarLore

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Written by Phil

Voiced by TotalBiscuit

Animated by ScottFalco

Before VersaLife was a multinational corporation that got rich off mechanically-augmented people in pain, it was a humble research lab that did what any pharmaceutical company would do: experiment on babies. Attempting to develop augmentation technology on newborns naturally led to the deaths of all but one infant, leading a remorseful facility worker to smuggle the baby to safety.

Nevertheless, research continued and mechanical augmentation was achieved, but because the human body would violently reject these foreign enhancements, it caused immense pain in augmented patients. Enter VersaLife, the only company with the patent to manufacture Neuropozyne, a drug that would suppress the rejection response and make VersaLife rich and powerful.

In 2017, Sarif Industries, backed by a U.S. military contract, begins manufacturing advanced augmentations that within 10 years, produces things like "Rhino Dermal Armor" and "Glassfield Cloaking," because let's face it, being bulletproof and invisible would win all the wars. The increasing level of competition forces Sarif Industries to employ a high-level security team led by ex-SWAT superstar, Adam Jensen. But on the eve of a high-profile announcement of a Neuropozyne alternative, Sarif Industries is attacked by an augmented Black Ops team known as The Tyrants, who kill their researchers, destroy their data, and shoot Jensen in the head.

Jensen is miraculously brought back from the dead harder, better, faster, and stronger than ever*, and it's up to him to find those responsible for the attack in the midst of an augmentation-induced human revolution.

Have fun!

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