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    Anthony Mackie Explains CAPTAIN AMERICA/FALCON Relationship


    by ClevverMovies

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    Anthony Mackie sets the record straight on Falcon and Captain America's relationship. The relationship between Captain America and Black Widow in The Winter Soldier may be a bit complicated, but his relationship with Falcon isn't. Many people have often compared Falcon and Captain America's relationship with the relationship between Batman and Robin, but that's not at all how Mackie sees it. He told MTV quote "the reality of it is it's more of a working relationship, a respect relationship as opposed to a leader and follower," Now this idea of a "working relationship" is something that we've heard a lot from the cast. Scarlett Johansson recently used "working relationship" to describe what's going on between Black Widow and Cap, but she also revealed that something unfortunate happens which forces them to have a more intimate type of relationship. And perhaps its that intimate relationship that has taken some screen time away from Falcon in the movie. Mackie said that he was under the impression when he booked the role as Falcon that he would be the second leading role in the film, and that he would have to come to Captain America's aide. But once he actually got the script, things changed and he was the one that was getting hurt, and not Cap. But regardless of who is first or second or third lead in Captain America: The Winter Solider, it seems as though Mackie is pleased with how the trio work together saying quote "We support each other, all of us are very different in our abilities and powers, so when we come together we kinda make an awesome tandom." So, what are your thoughts on Falcons cinematic relationship with Cap and Black Widow? You know the drill. Pour your hearts out to us here, or over on Facebook and Twitter too. From Hollywood, Im Erin White, and Ill see you next time.

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