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    Carl Fenton's New Yorkers - Shake It Down


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    Carl Fenton Orchestra was a Brunswick studio band through the 20s. The name was invented by Brunswick music director "Gus" Haenschen. Later, the name was taken by violinist Rudy Greenberg. The earliest songs recorded in 1919. Brunswick Records released many "Carl Fenton" records, with various line-ups of musicians. The band was typically led by Haenschen in the studio, but was led by studio musician/conductor Reuben "Rudy" Greenberg during their occasional concerts. Around the time that Haenschen left Brunswick Records in mid-1927, Greenberg purchased the rights to the Carl Fenton name. From 1928-1930 Greenberg was musical director for Gennett Records, where he recorded as "Carl Fenton’s New Yorkers". In 1932, Greenberg had his name legally changed to Carl Fenton. He continued to work as a music director for radio and theaters till his death in 1942. Fenton died in 1980. This great record was made in 1930, with an uncredited vocalist, who might be Les Reis.