Artist Specializes in Banana Tattooing

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One artist who goes by the name of End Cape works with bananas. Basically he tattoos the fruit using a small pin to create bruising on the peel.

Some artists make detailed masterpieces on paper and flat canvases. Others work with something else altogether.

One talented artist under the name End Cape uses bananas to unleash his creativity.

The method of banana art seems relatively simple but surely there's more involved than what's visible to a layperson. No ink is involved, but instead, a small sharp object, like a thumbtack is used to poke the peel and draw whatever pattern that is desired.

Pricking the skin with the pin allows the peel to discolor or bruise faster. One of his noteworthy bananas has an intricate puzzle design pricked on the skin.

Each puzzle piece interlocks into another, creating laced, puzzle lines right down the length of the fruit. An even more impressive masterpiece from End Cape is a tattooing of Mount Rushmore.

There is absolutely no mistaking who the four presidents are etched into the banana peel. The striking likeliness of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt is amazing to say the least.

Anime characters make frequent appearances in his banana art, but the artist also seems to have a slight fascination with historic pieces including the Mona Lisa.