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    Family Cemetery Targeted by Vandals

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    A graveyard in Sebrell, Virginia has become the cause of sadness and anger for loved ones of the deceased.

    Cemeteries should be quiet, peaceful places for loved ones to grieve and pay respects to those who have passed.

    However one graveyard in Sebrell, Virginia has instead become a place of sadness and anger when vandals recently damaged it.

    The suspects knocked over grave markers and smashed numerous headstones. Mindy Purvis is the woman who stumbled across the troubling and maddening scene.

    She had visited her mother’s gravesite at the Butts Family Cemetery on Old Hickory Road one recent Sunday morning. In addition to Purvis’ own family members, there are also veterans from World War II and people who were born in the 1800s.

    Purvis is now working with the 98 year old caretaker of the grounds to contact other families whose relatives are buried on the property. The Southampton County Sheriff’s office was contacted and arrived on the scene where cops collected beer cans, receipts and gloves as evidence.

    An investigation has now been launched into the incident. Purvis hopes police will find answers about who committed the act and why they chose to disturb the peaceful resting spot of the deceased.