Meet Yogurt the Pirate Dog - Internet's Newest Sensation

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The newest upcoming internet animal celebrity is Yogurt the Pirate Dog.

You could kill an endless amount of time online scoping out adorable dogs and cats. The newest internet animal celebrity is Yogurt the Pirate Dog.

The 5-year-old Chihuahua is missing one eye, but somehow that adds to the cuteness factor. Yogurt’s owner originally began posting pictures of the pooch in May of this year and then took a break for about 5 months before adding more photos in September.

In pretty much every image, Yogurt’s tongue can be seen hanging out the side of his mouth. In several of them, Yogurt showcases a costume or a shirt, but the majority of the snapshots feature the dog in his birthday suit; the only thing standing out is his unique and comical faces.

There’s definitely not a question when it comes to Yogurt’s happiness. In one clip, Yogurt can be seen hopping around and playing with a bunny.

Despite the undeniable cuteness, Yogurt is basically starting his career as a celebrity in the online world. Although he has his very own Instagram account, he has a little over 3,300 followers. The trend however is in the right direction as his number of followers increased significantly after the newest bunch of pictures were added.