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    WEB NEWS - USA: Obamacare website is victim of its own success

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    Today on the net: in the US, the Obamacare website becomes a victim of its own success. British web users show support for David Cameron's cat, Larry. And a video featuring twenty-eight of the most famous guitar solos of all time.
    USA: Obamacare website is a victim of its own success
    Despite the partial shutdown of the US government, prompted by the House Republicans refusal to approve a funding bill for Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms, the US administration launched the website on Tuesday to great fanfare; a platform where Americans can choose a health insurance package to suit their income.
    The site had some three million visitors in the hours that followed its launch. In fact it became overloaded with requests and encountered several technical glitches, preventing many citizens from registering their details and to start benefiting from the subsidized health care.
    Close to twenty states are running the healthcare exchanges themselves and many of their websites, those in New York or California for example, also experienced delays, bugs and crashes.
    But despite the teething technical problems some web users have been hailing the implementation of Obamacare. Backers of the reform, both the famous and the unknown, are urging their fellow citizens not to delay purchasing health insurance, under the hashtag #GetCovered.
    But these initial difficulties have fueled criticism from opponents of the US President and the new health care system. Critics continue to campaign on social networks, appealing to their political representatives to vote against the Obamacare funding bill.
    UK: online support for David Cameron’s cat
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