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    Britney Spears drops a dominatrix "Work Bitch" music video! What's up Britney Army, thanks for finding Clevvermusic. As promised Britney Spears dropped her anticipated "Work Bitch" music video on VEVO last night October 1 and we see new dominating mature side of the star. As seen in Britney's Instagram video preview of the music video earlier this week, she's posing it up in the blazing sun, flaunting her hot body and showing off her toys. The video is set in the desert sun, a clear teaser for her upcoming Vegas residency. Planet Hollywood casino even makes an appearance late on in the video. "Work Bitch" starts with Britney doning various dominatrix looking outfits as she poses with backup dancers in front of a shimmery pool, on a platform in the desert and seduces the camera lens. And of course, who doesn't have a vanity mirror in the middle of nowhere, but hey a girls gotta look great everywhere she goes right? And speaking of looking great Britney's banging body is front and center in this classic Britney style video. We love that she's back to showcasing her dance moves! And in between dancing Brit whips her backup bitches into shape- actually whipping one girl poolside. Later Britney and her minions dance it up in a club and in a sexy lounge. But that's not all, as the whirlwind party continues the night gets a little weird. Britney is dancing in the middle of a pool with sharks in it- scary! And there's someone carrying a mannequin through the desert. That must have been one good night. Ok, so we're giddy from watching all the hair flips and whip flicks. Go check out the full "Work Bitch" video yourself right now! Tell us if you like this more adult version of the pop princess or were you hoping for something more Momma Spears? Thanks so much for watching Clevvermusic. I'm Misty Kingma see you soon.