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    Villa In Avigliano Umbro - Sismano

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    "Le Bandite" About 20 years ago, the current owners, after which, for nearly a decade, they had spent their holidays in a property in the far north of Sardinia, were looking for an investment property that had the following characteristics:. Easy connection with Rome all year;. Pristine environment and conducive to the best relaxation;. Proximity to centers of high artistic and cultural interest for short trips.. Ability to reach in a few hours the most important cities of central and northern. The publication of a study produced by an American university, Todi had classified as the most livable city in Italy, I take them to focus their research in this district, where they came into contact with a member of the family of the Corsini in Florence, owned by 400 years of a large farm around the Castle of Sismano.The negotiation were not easy, as in the same period had expressed interest in purchasing the same area identified, is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the field of sports federations that the Italian best-known composer of light music national, looking for a 'area which give rise to a musical center of Europe.Surpass this competition and proceeded to purchase an area of approx. 13 acres with 2 overhanging buildings, the owners began to put his hand to expensive works of redevelopment of the houses (the main building had been abandoned for years) in the main house. Completed the fence the whole property and the creation of a new access road, was kept ca. 8 hectares for agricultural use, allowing you to make use of Community funds, while the remaining land was transformed into a lush park with the planting of hundreds of tall trees (including more than 200 olive trees) and flowering plants, with a prevalence of roses. Here and there stand some fountains that accentuate the atmosphere of peace, a herb garden with plenty of herbs and a vegetable garden, both paved for easier proceed with an