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    Drunk passenger causes plane to divert to Alaska

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    A drunken passenger on a flight heading from New York to Shanghai allegedly caused the plane to divert to Anchorage, Alaska after she freaked out in mid-flight.

    Stephanie Heizmann Auerbach was charged with interference of the flight crew, local papers reported. The woman on Tuesday was being held at the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center for Women.

    According to local reports citing charging documents, the women consumed at least five glasses of wine within the first 90 minutes of the flight and began strolling the plane and disobeying orders from the flight crew to remain seated.

    She began climbing up on the seats, yelling profanities and stealing alcohol from the galley when the crew wasn't looking. After she became physically intrusive to other passengers and crew, Auerbach asked to get off the flight. The pilot asked if she would listen to the crew for the remainder of the long flight and refused. That's when he decided to divert the flight.


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