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    Amazing school bus crash in Kansas City: Children injured but all survive

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    Kansas City kids apparently are pretty bouncy. That's the only way to explain how a whole busload of them can flip like a pancake on Wednesday, and everybody escapes major injury. The school bus loaded with kids from Pembroke Hill School was headed off into the woods for a fun camping trip, or maybe some hardcore wilderness survival training (these kids are obviously pretty tough, after all). When the bus went up a ramp, it kept going up.

    But what goes up must come down, though if anybody on the bus ever wondered what it's like to experience weightlessness, then they got their chance. The kids would probably have appreciated some advance notice, but hey, it's cheaper than Space Camp. When the bus eventually came to rest on it's side, everyone within was jammed into the benches on the right, even Jenny and Nancy, who have publicly stated that they hate sitting together.

    Luckily for everyone involved all hands and heads were inside the bus at the time of the accident. No word yet on whether they will reschedule the camping trip.

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