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    Caught on camera: Woman stabbed to death as police stand by watching

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    Coward cops caught on camera watching as woman killed in knife attack:

    The Chinese internet is going ballistic after the release of CCTV footage which shows the cowardice of police who looked on as a 17-year-old girl was repeatedly stabbed in a supermarket in China's eastern Anhui province on August 18.

    One shopper reported seeing a young man, since identified by his surname, Shen, lurking in the store for an inordinate length of time. Fearing he was planning to rob the place, she called police.

    Shen reportedly then bought a large kitchen knife and a fruit knife before leaving the store. Two policemen arrived just after he left, and went to search for him.

    With knife in Shen allegedly returned and went straight for the young cashier. The store's security camera captured a brief struggle before the man drags her to the floor and stabs repeatedly as the two policemen look on. Seemingly too afraid to take action, one feebly tossed a paper box and then a plastic stool. One onlooker tried in vain to get the police to do something, but they both refused. Only after the attacker turned the knife on himself did one officer pepper spray him.

    The area's police chief defended the officers by saying they were, "slow but not timid," adding that "the two police shouted at the man, but he did not stop."

    One of the onlookers said the police were armed with truncheons and could have stopped the man if they tried. An internal investigation has been launched. The victim, identified only by her surname, Hu, reportedly met her killer on an internet chat site and the two had been in a relationship.


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