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Hey Smilers -- after Miley's track with Britney Spears leaked it seems as though the star decided to give us a full preview of Bangerz... a WEEK early!!!

Hey Guys—Brianna Baxter here filling in for Misty Kingma—and it looks like our wildest dreams have come true. We've been counting down the days till Bangers drops on October 4th, but we wait no longer!

We're pretty sure that the leak of SMS with Britney sparked Miley to forget the 30 second previews and let fans hear the whole entire album! The album is definitely all that we could want and more, especially SMS.

The highly anticipated track with pop legend Britney Spears is awesome. It's catchy, and not sure about you guys, but the background track sounds a lot like a 1987 hit song, Push it by Salt and Pepper. Talk about a throw back!!

Miley does everything on the track from rap, to sing, to shout just a little! There's definitely a lot going on during the track—it's a bit busy, but definitely one of those songs that will most definitely be stuck in your head.

And another thing, we thought Wrecking Ball had some relationship references—but this song opens up talking about significant others and this is what Miley has to say in the track:

"All the way back with a tree in my lap, all the boys like to ask me what you doing with that. Yeah, you say you love me... they ask me how I keep a man, I keep a battery pack."

The track goes on saying how MC's got a world tour and she can't wait on a man—and obviously she didn't... we all know about the very public split between her and Liam Hemsworth.

But really quick, let's talk about the rest of this album—it's got some country, it's got some party anthems, and it's overall just a good thing!

You can pre-order now, but until October 4th, we'll just have to hold ourselves over with Miley's MTV special, The Movement which airs later this week.

If you guys caught the preview—what do you think about the album! Be sure to let us know and for all things music, follow us on Twitter @ClevverMusic and I'll see you guys next time! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!