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    Colin Bowden That's a Plenty

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    That's a Plenty Bowden Colin/Chris Barber 1990
    Colin Bowden - Drums
    Colin was born in Hampstead Heath, London in 1932 and lives in Suffolk. He remembers at the age of ten seeing through a village hall window a drummer performing live and feeling that he had discovered Eldorado! Some years later, after conscription service with the RAF he renovated an old drum kit which he had bought from a workmate who was cleaning out an attic. It was late 1952. Colin was collecting Spike Jones records until he heard "Oh, Didn't He Ramble?" and that 78rpm disc by Jelly Roll Morton put him firmly on the jazz trail. Over the years main influences have been Baby Dodds, Big Sid Catlett and Art Blakey along with all the others. He is generally regarded as the finest New Orleans drummer in Europe.
    Colin was invited to be part of the 40th Anniversary tour of Chris Barber's Jazz Band. Colin played in this band's concert as it was some 40 years before. Although I believe that Colin then wasn't a member of the band he certainly must have played with them as a substitute. In the sixties and seventies Colin was the permanent drummer of Ken Colyer's Jazzmen.
    We see Colin being featured on drums in that particularily interesting Baby Dodds styled approach in the tune "That's a Plenty"