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    Single Mother Responds to Tommy Sotomayor

    Uncle Tom CableVision

    by Uncle Tom CableVision

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    Thank God you're not my mother. You have piss poor decision making skills. You let an ex con drug addict have access to your children? You fall for the okey doke and let his relatives in your place? You leave your kids with his mother? Get your tubes tied.
    By fahren299Last year
    Anthony Jackson
    Lady listen you have to come at Tommy a different way hurt his pockets is how you hurt any man. He loves being the victim which we see. Look st all his videos always trying to compare his drama to drama that we may face everyday. Boycott Tommy he thinks like a white person you have to treat him as such. I am an older Brown Male who sometimes hears Tommy's rants and raves that's all he does is rant and rave. He claims he doesn't like Brown people, he can't be around them. It's ok because we revoked his ghetto pass along time ago. Tommy is not doing anything at all to help his people why? Take a good look at Tommy Boy for one he is not black He is Hispanic you know how Puerto Ricans feel about us. Tommy has been hurt by a brown female which he seems to not get over it. Like I said all he does is talk but has no solutions it's best he just be quiet. As soon as Tommy doesn't get his way or if it's to much drama for him to deal with then he wants to get police on you. That what shows me how much a of a real man Tommy is. Picking on people who can't defend themselves. I am done with Tommy Boy I just simply turn his channels off and don't be apart of his hypocrisy. This is real deep like I said in order to take down the msn you have to know about the man. What makes him tick ? His views and people subscribing is all he cares about which keeps him afloat he tells you hem likes to do things to tick people off. Tommy thinks this is a game and it's funny to expose brown people. It won't be so funny when's the jokes is on him Judgement Day is near, His time is coming to an end. It only takes one person or persons who are badder than him to bring him down whether it's politics or simply life issues hatred does not go along way. Trust and Believe that !!!!!
    By Anthony Jackson2 years ago