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    WingyManone Tailgate Ramble

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Tailgate Ramble Manone Wingy 1964
    Probably in a recording studio in New York in 1964 we see a performance of Wingy Manone playing one of his favourite tunes "Tailgate Ramble". It appears that this clip has never been published. 12 years later Wingy came to Toronto and played for a week with our Climax Jazz Band. I remember him singing this tune almost every night.
    Wingy Manone ( 1900-1982) was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He lost an arm in a streetcar accident, which resulted in his nickname of "Wingy". After playing professionally with various bands in his home town, he began to travel widely in the 1920s, working in Chicago, New York City, Texas, Mobile, Alabama, California, St. Louis, Missouri and other locations through the decade; he continued to travel widely around the United States for decades. He and his band did regular recording and radio work through the 1930s, and appeared with Bing Crosby in the movie Rhythm on the River in 1940.
    His autobiography "Trumpet On The Wing" was published in 1948.
    From the 1950s on he was based mostly in California and Las Vegas, Nevada, although he also toured through the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe to appear at jazz festivals.
    He is survived by his son, Joseph Matthew Manone II and his grandson, Jimmy Manone who are both musicians as well.