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The Miley Cyrus twerking saga continues and this time it's Nicki Minaj joins in on the conversation giving her two cents about the stars twerking abilities!

Hey Guys—Brianna Baxter here filling in for Misty Kingma and we've got a story for you!!

If you guy thought Miley Cyrus' twerking performance at the VMA's, or in a unicorn suit, or everywhere she goes was something, then you're going to love what Nicki Minaj had to say about it.

Nicki sat down with Ellen—when the talk show host brought up a great point, that Nicki's been twerking forever. Hello—Miley didn't make up the move, people!

Ellen shows some videos of Nicki Minaj doing the infamous move saying, "People weren't outraged when you were twerking, see no body got upset when you did it!"

Nicki laughs, pauses for a minute, then comes out with, "See, it's the white girl thing!" Of course the audience looses it and bursts into laughter, but Nicki gets serious saying, "No seriously, if a white girl does something that seems to be like black, it's like black people think, oh she's embracing our culture so they kind of ride with it."

But you guys, that's not true Nicki fashion, she gives us another side to the story saying, "Then white people think she must be cool because she doing something black... it's weird!"

It's really all in good fun—you know these two ladies definitely respect each other's music and their skills! I mean, I bet Miley learned some moves from Nicki Minaj!

No shade from one star to another, just some good fun and Nicki does explain why her twerking hasn't caused quite the frenzy that Miley's dance move has saying, "If a black person does a black thing it ain't that poppin'...It's clearly obvious, Ellen!"

Of course it is Nicki—wish we would have known it sooner!!! Hilarious interview—but do you guys agree with Nicki?! Is that why Miley's twerking is such a big deal! Let us know what you think on our twitter @ClevverMusic and make sure to keep it locked here for all your music news! See you guys later!