Google Earth User Stumbles Upon Stolen Car

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While using Google Earth to take a look at some of his property, a man discovered an abandoned SUV that had been stolen months before.

One day a man in Mississippi was using Google Earth to take a look at some of his property when he noticed an odd object sitting in the midst of it.

At first he thought it was an illegal hunting structure, so he and his young son mapped the coordinates and went to check it out.

When they got to their destination the man realized it was an abandoned SUV.

Police were called to inspect the odd discovery, and it turned out to be a GMC Yukon that was stolen from a convenience store in March.

Authorities had arrested a suspect at the time based on eyewitness accounts.

However, they had been unable to proceed with prosecution because the biggest piece of evidence was missing.

To the thief’s credit, the car had been extremely well hidden.

It was stashed about 70 yards from the road and was obscured by the growth around and under it.

An officer on the discovery scene said, "Honestly, it looked like it was dropped from the sky. I couldn't tell how exactly it got there, and I've never seen anything like it in my 12 years of law enforcement."