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    California gunman shoots mom, burns down house, goes on tractor rampage

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    A gunman with a history of mental illness shot his mother, set fire to his house and then, armed with a rifle and aboard a tractor, terrorized a suburban California neighborhood before being gunned to death by police.

    It was not immediately clear why police did not gun down or arrest the rifle being used, since, as we all know, people don't kill people, guns kill people.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Ryan Carnan shot his mother to death in her California house in Simi Valley. He reportedly called his brother after the murder to inform him that their mother was dead.

    The deranged gunman then set the house on fire.

    The 29-year-old left the house and, carrying his rifle with him, boarded a tractor which he began driving down the Simi Valley street. Neighbours and witnesses reported the gunman firing at random along the street.

    Police quickly arrived on the scene and a shootout ensued.

    During the exchange, the gunman was gunned down, bringing a swift and tragic end to a devastating day for the otherwise sleepy community of Simi Valley.

    Local media reported that the gunman had a history of mental illness and that police had responded to domestic violence calls related to the 29-year-old's behavior on previous occasions.


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