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    80 killed after train derails in Spain

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    Originally published on July 25, 2013

    At least 80 people were killed and 94 injured in a train derailment in northwestern Spain on Wednesday night. According to Reuters "The eight-carriage high speed train came off the tracks just outside the pilgrimage center of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain on Wednesday night. It was one of Europe's worst rail disasters.

    Dramatic video footage from a security camera showed the train, with 247 people on board, hurtling into a concrete wall at the side of the track as carriages jack-knifed and the engine overturned.

    The impact was so huge one carriage flew several meters into the air and landed on the other side of the high concrete barrier.

    There were 94 injured, 35 of those were in a serious condition, including four children, the deputy head of the regional government said on Thursday.

    El Pais newspaper said one of the drivers told the railway station by radio after being trapped in his cabin that the train entered the bend at 190 kilometers per hour (120 mph). An official source said the speed limit on that stretch of twin track, laid in 2011, was 80 kmph.

    Wednesday's derailment was one of the worst rail accidents in Europe over the past 25 years."

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