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    Two teachers die in bomb blast in the South of Thailand

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    Originally published on July 24, 2013

    Two teachers were killed and one injured after a bomb exploded in southern Thailand on Wednesday morning. According to the Bangkok Post, the attack occurred in Narathiwat province's Chanae district at around 9 am.

    A car with three teachers escorted by a seven-member police patrol was passing in front of Chanae hospital when a bomb planted on the roadside was remotely detonated. The explosion damaged the police car, injuring two policemen in the leg. On seeing the explosion, the driver of the teachers' car stepped on the accelerator but lost control of the car, which ended up in a ditch 100 metres from the explosion.

    The blast left a crater in the ground 60 centimetres deep and 1.3 metres in diameter. The police were providing security for the teachers who were heading for Pithak Withaya Kumung School in nearby tambon Chang Phuak. According to reports, police believe the militants were targeting the patrol vehicle in front of the teachers' car.


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