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    Racist Seattle woman arrested for covering Chinese restaurant guests in soy sauce

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    A 52-year-old woman was arrested after covering patrons of a Seattle restaurant in soy sauce, according to a report by CBS Seattle report.

    The unnamed woman allegedly entered Dim Sum King, located on 6th and Jackson in the city's International District, on Saturday afternoon telling guests to "go back to China".

    She then allegedly proceeded to go on a mini-rampage, harassing many of the establishment's customers. The woman flipped over customers' plates, spat in the face of a man, before dousing him and his baby in soy sauce.

    One of the woman's many victims, no doubt finally fed up with her tomfoolery, called the police.

    By the time the officers arrived at around 1pm, they found several customers outside the establishment, covered in food.

    The woman ended her bigoted escapade by slapping a police officer on the arm when he attempted to question her. By this point her arsenal had broadened to include, in addition to the soy sauce, a carton of chocolate milk.

    She was arrested and charged for harassment and assaulting an officer of the law, according to CBS Seattle.

    Local reports have failed to specify the ethnicity of the woman and make no mention as to whether or not the incident is being investigated as a hate crime by the Seattle Police Department.

    The police report of the incident cited by local reports said the woman's antics ruined "what had undoubtedly been a perfectly delightful afternoon Dim Sum." In our books, that, at the very least, deserves a crimes against humanity charge!


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