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    Man swallows toe, pays $500 fine at Downtown Hotel in Yukon

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    Weird cocktails: An American man, identified only as "Josh from New Orleans," paid Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, in the Yukon region of Canada, a $500 fine after intentionally swallowing a human toe. The toe was part of a drink called the Sourtoe Cocktail, an apparent tradition at the hotel started by an eccentric man in the 1970s called Captain Dick, who found a preserved toe one day and decided to make a drink out of it. The rule is for patrons to at least have the toe touch their lips, but they aren't actually supposed to swallow it, or risk being fined $500.

    Yet, after claiming his rent deposit because he planned on leaving the city, Josh decided he wanted more than to just touch his lips to the appendage - he wanted to consume it completely.

    According to Terry Lee, who was the "toe captain" that day, Josh came into the bar, paid the $5 fee to have the toe dropped into his drink, then swallowed both beverage and phalange in one gulp. Then he placed his $500 in cash on the table, and left.

    Luckily for patrons who might want also want to try the cocktail in the future, the hotel has another toe ready, but this is their last one. The hotel has gone through eight toes so far, which have been lost, stolen or accidentally swallowed. This is the first case of anyone intentionally swallowing the toe. Therefore, the hotel has decided to raise the fine for swallowing the toe to $2,500.

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