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    North Korea fails to send gas masks, guns to Syria

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    Originally published on August 27, 2013

    Turkish authorities have seized a vessel from North Korea filled with arms, ammunition and gas masks bound for the war-torn country of Syria.

    The Libyan-registered boat, which was known to leave Syria for North Korea earlier this year, was being tracked by the United States, according to the Sankei Shimbun.

    Searched on April 3 in Dardanelles on a tip from US authorities, Turkish authorities, seized 1,400 rifles and pistols, some 30,000 bullets as well as some gas masks and chemical protection.

    The report shows that the US believed that the cargo would have been unloaded in Turkey and delivered inland to government troops in Syria. Turkey detained and later charged the captain of the ship after admitting his intention to bring the illegal weapons from North Korea to Syria.

    North Korea has been barred by the United Nations from sending weapons to other countries in light of its nuclear ambitions. The two countries have been known to engage in illicit weapons trading in the past.


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