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    Nicki Minaj reveals her Minajesty fairytale fragrance ad on The Ellen Show! What's up Barbz, this is ClevverMusic, thanks for hanging out. As you know Nicki Minaj made a stop at the Ellen Show to talk about her second new fragrance called Minajesty. And she took the opportunity to unveil the royal Minajesty commercial ad! And as the perfume title alludes, this 20 second ad is fit for a Queen. The fairytale promo sees Nicki as a gorgeous damsel in distress running through the forest as her horse has gotten away from her. Complete in a tiara, pink gown and jewels Nicki follows the horse only to find her perfume castle waiting for her. Nicki emerges from the smoke in sexy ripped up undergarments, freed from her restraints. Nicki narrates the commercial with her powerful message, "There comes a time in every girl's life where she realizes that hidden deep within, deep within the forest of her heart, there lies a queedom and if she believes, she will reign forever." We like Nicki's inspiring message in the perfume ad. Nicki is continuing her own real life fairytale, of growing up in Queens, to recently being named #4 on Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list for 2013, earning $29 million over the last 12 months. Not to mention she's the only female on the list. Check out the twinkling Minajesty ad yourself and tell us what you think? Thanks for watching your pop music news here on ClevverMusic, we do it all for you. I'm Misty Kingma and I'll talk to you guys soon.