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    Tye Tribbett & G.A. - No Other Choice


    par wanzea

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    ashley renea lee

    So many times in life before,
    I tried and tried to do things my way.
    I thought that I was smart enough,
    I thought I knew enough to handle myself.
    I didn’t realize the problem was,
    the struggle was between my will and Yours.
    (Not my will, God.)
    So I’m giving up my will for Yours,
    I’m totally depending on You.
    (But, Lord, please come through.)

    Everybody say
    I have no other choice but to trust You.
    That’s all I can do.
    I have no other choice but to believe
    Par ashley renea leeIl y a 9 ans
    -super-super- super-
    Par Pierre-GeromeIl y a 9 ans