Sudan defends crackdown as unrest enters second week

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Sudan's Interior Minister Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamed told a news conference that photos of victims of a bloody crackdown on protesters were "fake" and defended its reactions to protests sparked by a rise in fuel prices. Duration: 00:36


we are black in Sudan (Arabic it is official language in Sudan) and Egyptian are white how these images of killed people during demonstrations will be from Egypt, this is stupid minster
By dm_524d2a1108810 last year
this one face of Sudan stupidity government and actually the Muslim brother hood government in Sudan during the past 24 years from Sudan age was spent for nothing , no development, no society pace, country split to two and still war continue in Darfur , blue Nile and south kordofan , economic crises it is expected result of 24 years of failed of Muslim brotherhood government in Sudan , now 90% of people in sudan refuse all calls for retry to fix problems with albashir regime because the main problem this regime itself and no way to make any real disccution about sudan problems and apply corrections and this regime in charge because it is a part of problems not a part of solutions.
By dm_524d2a1108810 last year