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    The talk will be about the “Ready to Cloud” project, an ephemeric and elusive display that allows trans urban communication in public space. Two people in two cities stand in front of an artificial cloud that displays their realtime full body scans. Within this cloud, their avatars meet and are able to morph, fight or communicate in a reduced gestural manner.
    The whole project results out of a theoretical and practical research on science-fiction technology and narrative prototyping. The driving quesition was how to set up holographic displays with off the shelf technology and is it possible to create yesterdays future with the means of today. It has been showcased and tested at Bauhaus Dessau, FACT Liverpool and during the fuori salone during the design week in milan.

    About the speaker:

    A gang of two+. The Constitute is more than a lab and less than an institute. We combine quick and process driven innovation from experimental lab situations with the focused and academic work of an institutional organization. Special needs demand special teams. We constitute units precisely selected on the expertise that is necessary to run a project. We work like this in own artistic projects as well as in commissioned works. Our fields of expertise are Industrial Design, Art Direction, Creative Coding, Public Art, Interactive Art, Practical Research, Urban Intervention and Time Travels. When things get complicated we widen our team with free radicals towards Digital Visuals, Hardware Programming, CAD Engineering, Music Performance and App Development.

    Christian is coming from a product design background and is constantly moving towards interaction design, design research and design teaching. He studied in Dresden, worked in the Studio of Arik Levy in Paris and for EOOS in Vienna. Since 2008 he teaches at the University of the Arts in Berlin where he hosts projects on experimental product development and new creative processes. He also is part of the VR/urban collective, mostly known for the SMSlingshot. Beside all that he gives workshops and lectures on international institutions dealing with topics such as science fiction, spatial strategies and design in detail and overall. Together with Sebastian Piatza, he founded The Constitute in beginning of 2012.