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    Man tries to kill mom with car exhaust, handcuffs her to running car

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    Like a scene from a horror movie, 45-year-old Adam Lutz tried to gas his 78-year-old mother to death in her garage in Waterford Township, Michigan.

    The deranged adult son had handcuffed his elderly mother to his car, that was parked in her garage.

    He then proceeded to seal the garage completely and then remotely turned on the engine to his car, sending poisonous exhaust fumes spiralling into the would-be death box.

    His motive? Money.

    Lutz reportedly was keen to off his old mam to get his hands on her dough.

    However the wiley septuagenerian managed pull herself free of the car and escape from the garage before she was overcome with fumes.

    She locked herself in her bedroom, barricading the door and called police to come to her rescue.

    Local media reported that Adam Lutz had a history of psychologically abusing his mother and had been trying to kill the woman for some time.


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