WEB NEWS - France: death of 5-year-old girl sparks online outrage

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Today on the net: online outrage in France following the death of five-year-old Fiona; Tajik web uses mock the upcoming presidential election; and a glimpse of what Barcelona’s "Sagrada Familia" will look like when it’s finally completed.
France: death of 5-year-old girl sparks online outrage
When 5-year-old Fiona went missing from a park in Clermont-Ferrand, France, back in May, thousands of web users joined the hunt for the little girl, support groups were set up on Facebook, marches were organized... but things took a sad turn last week when Fiona’s mother Cécile Bourgeon and her boyfriend Berkane Maklouf admitted that she was dead and they had hidden the body. The revelations have sparked outrage with many taking to social networks to voice their anger and disgust.
Strong words, slamming the couple, have been pouring in online. Angry web users are calling for the twosome, who they describe as absolute monsters, to be given exemplary punishment, some, like the people behind these two Facebook pages, are even calling for the return of the death penalty. They have collectively drawn over 65,000 members who believe Bourgeon and Maklouf should pay the ultimate price for their appalling act.
A stream of hate messages that some, like the “Avis de recherche” Facebook group are trying to temper, encouraging web users to show restraint and let the justice system deal with the alleged perpetrators. They say instead of insulting Cécile Bourgeon and Berkane Maklouf and posting hate-filled comments, web users should devote their time to writing tributes for little Fiona, to keep her memory alive…

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