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    Let's get this film funded guys Need all the support I can get!

    This donation page is to hopefully fund what I think will be one of my most important works and projects since I started writing all those years ago. This was a story sent to me by a friend and fan for my relationship advice book but, when I shared it on facebook book the reaction I got from ever single reader was the exact same each time!

    I am not ruining the storyline but I will say this bachelorette party is truly one of a kind and something that has never been filmed or told the way that I plan to do it provided we get the funds we need for production...

    I need the said amount I asked for to cover camera equipment, editing software, rented space to shoot at, and possibly pay a small production team lead under the direction of myself of course. This amount is not too high or impossible if you truly believe in someone or their craft why not invest in them?

    I am a well known internet personality, sensation and YouTube celebrity and I spend most of my time fighting for different charity organizations such as animal and human rights but, rarely do I ever ask for anything at all if any. I am simply saying people donate and waste money on meaningless things all the time.

    This time you have a chance to be apart of something wonderful and great people so even if you only donate $1 it still $1 we didn't have before thank you so much for what ever you can give!


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