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    Christ be my leader by night as by day - Chris Lawton at St Thomas Church, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent

    Christopher Lawton

    by Christopher Lawton

    Another of me playing the Compton organ at St Thomas Church in Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent.

    I am playing the evening hymn 'Christ be my leader by night as by day' which is ideal for demonstrating the softer sounds on the organ starting with the Oboe in the first verse accompanied by the Dulciana.

    Many thanks to the church officials for allowing me access to this little splendid instrument.

    For more information on the John Compton Organ Company Ltd and to see me play other Compton organs, please click on the following link for my site dedicated to the John Compton Organ Company Ltd:

    REQUEST: I am always on the lookout for Compton organs to play - particularly electrones - so if you know of any churches which still have these then please do let me know. I will happily give a donation or pay any applicable room hire charge.