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    Are the Navy Yard Shooting Victims ALL FAKE?


    by livingonplanetZ

    An examination of the relevant records, shows that the people described on the official list of Navy Yard "victims", are real people. However, the records ALSO suggest that they ARE NOT deceased. At least so far.

    See "The Fake Death Industry" on YouTube and other sites for more information on how death can be faked by criminals within government structures. A quick look at Operation Northwoods shows how faking death and funerals is used to manipulate the public for political and military purposes.

    Note that no wounded or dead persons have actually been seen by the public at the "shooting" scene so far. The one image thus far purported to be such, has been determined and admitted to be a fake, staged by a congressional aide for an anti-second amendment congressman. Videos of prople exiting the Navy Yard building, do NOT show any clearly wounded people. (See , )

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