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    Surfboard decapitation? Flying surfboard nearly hits Honolulu driver

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    Flying surfboard crashes into car: Hawaii man, Jerrin Ching, was driving along the Honolulu freeway on Sunday when he suddenly found himself in a strange car accident. A red surfboard suddenly flew off of an overpass ahead, bounced off a nearby bus before crashing into the front windshield of Ching's 2011 white Honda Fit. The surfboard stopped inches from Ching's face, which was scratched up by shattered glass.

    "I'm just thankful to be here," Ching said. "After it hit, I was like what just happened?"

    However, Ching is hoping the owner shows up to claim the surfboard, and pay for the damage to the car, which actually belongs to Ching's girlfriend.

    "Yeah this was my girlfriend's car, who was on Maui at the time," Ching said. "She was worried about me more than the car I guess, but her car's going to be fixed, so that's the main thing."


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