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    Hot Taiwanese girl Piao Piao (飄飄) wears short skirt dominating heavyweight motorcycle!

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    Who says riding a heavyweight bike is only for men?! The 22-year-old student,PIAO PIAO (飄飄)weighs only 53 kilograms, but she can totally dominate this 400-kilograms Honda Gold Wing, which let her become the first female rider in this type of flagship heavyweight touring bike in Taiwan.

    The picture of her riding the motorcycle has gone viral on the internet, she actually just got the licence for heavyweight bikes recently, she told the reporter the reason she prefers to ride this rather than a scooter is because she thinks motorcycle is more violent and manly enough to let her feel safe and stable.

    Another eye-catching part is that instead of wearing a professional motorcycle suit, she likes to wear short skirts and tank tops while enjoying this heavyweight bike.


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